2023 Production Sound Mixer Rate Card

Sound Mixer Labor Rates:

Union Commercial: $971/10

Non-Union: $750/10 Hours

Minimum Call: 10 Hours

Overtime: 1.5x/Hourly after 10 Hours / 2x/Hourly After 12 Hours

Travel Day: Day Rate

Mileage is calculated based on the current IRS rate

Per Diem: GSA Rate

Local Zone: 30 Miles from New Orleans Production Hub

Sound Equipment Rental Rates:

  • Basic ENG Kit: $450/Day

Bag Based Sound Devices 888 Recorder/Mixer

Boom Mic Kit

Two Wireless Lectrosonics Lavalier Kit

  • Audio Playback System with Timecode $450/Day

Playback cart

MacMini with Pro Tools Ultimate

Playback speaker

Smart Slate with wireless timecode feed.

A La Carte Pricing:

Sound Devices 888 Multitrack recorder/mixer: $200/Day

Noise Suppression: $50/two instances (Perfect for shoots that do not have Audio Post-Production)

Boom Kit: $80/Day

Wired Handheld Mic: $30/Day

Wireless Boom Kit: $120/Day

Lectrosonics Lavalier Mic Kit: $85/Day

Wireless Handheld Mic: $85/Day

Mono Wireless Camera Hop: $85/Day

Timecode Sync Box: $50/Day

Smart Slate:  $75/Day

IFB Set:  $75/Day for the first receiver; $40/Day for each additional IFB

MOTU Audio Interface – $150/day

MP3 Transcription – $50/day

*Additional Gear Available Upon Request*

All published rates are subject to change without notice.


PAYMENT TERMS: All payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date (Net 30), this is non-negotiable. Multi-week projects will be invoiced weekly.

EXTRAS: Additional equipment requested on-site shall be billed à la carte. No last-minute deals will be offered on equipment requested the day of the shoot. Rate stays constant with the national rental rate based on Trew Audio, Gotham Sound, LSC, Pro-Sound.

LATE FEE: Invoices unpaid by invoice due date are subject to a 10% late fee compounded monthly until which time invoice and late fees are paid in full.  Payments must be issued with processing and mailing time factored in order to avoid late fees.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Once a shoot is confirmed all productions are subject to cancellation fees. Cancellation fee for less than 72 hours from shoot dates will be 100% labor & equipment, whereas cancellations 3 to 7 days prior to shoot dates are subject to 50% labor & equipment. Any cancellation with 7 to 14 days notice is subject to a 100% labor and equipment costs if other work has been turned down after confirmation of production dates. Cancellations with more than 14 days notice will not be subject to any fees. Rescheduling shoot dates are only subject to a cancellation fee if other work has been turned down since production was confirmed, in which case the rescheduling fee will be 100% labor and equipment for the originally scheduled production dates.

DELIVERABLES: Broadcast-ready polyphonic wave files (“WAV”) in 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution via SD  Card. I assume no responsibility for the files once they have been downloaded and verified.


General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance are the responsibility of Production / Client.

Production must provide a Certificate of Insurance to Pelican Location Sound, LLC prior to the first day of work.

Pelican LocationSound, LLC

125 Brooklyn Ave.

Jefferson, LA 70121

Production / Client is responsible for any

lost or damaged items rented during the term of the shoot. Production agrees to pay 100% of the replacement or repair cost of any lost or damaged equipment. Additionally, Production is liable for any days equipment is out of service and shall be billed at full listed rental rate

MILEAGE: Shoots located 30 or more miles away from New Orleans shall be issued a mileage fee to location and back at the current IRS rate including toll fees if applicable. Production is responsible for reimbursement of all parking costs while working.

COPYRIGHTS: In accordance with USC Title 17, any works created by Pelican Location Sound, LLC on behalf of Production Company / Client are considered “works for hire”. Until invoice for rendered services is paid in full, Pelican Location Sound, LLC retains the copyrights and authorship to all sound recordings, audio recordings as part of an audiovisual work, digital audio files, and phonorecords fixed to any media or stored on any device including but not limited to hard drives, SD or CF cards, computers, embedded in video files, recorded to cameras or VTR machines, etc. Upon full payment of invoice for services rendered, the copyright ownership automatically transfers to Production Company / Client and is henceforth considered the author in accordance with “works for hire” definitions under USC Title 17.

ESTIMATES: Any estimate provided should only be considered a quote based on the information provided and final invoice total may change based on labor overages or additional rented equipment.

NEGOTIATIONS: Any negotiated rates or terms different from what this rate card and deal memo terms states must be in writing and signed by both parties (Production Company / Client and Pelican Location Sound, LLC). In the event that an invoice has not been paid by the agreed upon payment terms, all discounted prices will revert to the full rate.

PRE-PRODUCTION: 50% of my labor rate for all tech scouts and prep days.

TRAVEL: 100% of my labor rate for travel days plus per diem at current GSA rates. Production must pay for all travel-related expenses such as visas, carnets, airfare, lodging, and transportation.

STORAGE: I will store your audio files for six months once the job is complete.

REVISIONS: All modifications to this contract must be rendered in a new agreement.